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Customer Data Basics – Videos

Welcome to UniFida’s new video series, Customer Data Basics. The series outlines the fundamentals of data-driven marketing and how your organisation can benefit.


Whether it’s creating a single customer view, or attributing your marketing budget and efforts in order to maximise return on marketing investment, this series provides useful insights and advice you can use.

There are two videos so far in the series, with more to follow – so watch this space.

Session 1 – What is a Single Customer View (SCV)?

In this first video in the series, UniFida’s Managing Director Jo Young talks about Single Customer Views (SCV).

What are they? Why do we have them? Why are they important?
How do you create them? And what benefits can you expect?

Session 2 – What is a Marketing Attribution?

In the second video of UniFida’s Customer Data Basics series, Jo Young talks about Marketing Attribution.

What is it? Why have it? What is the best way to do it? And what benefits can you
expect to derive.

Session 3 - Four Key Customer Data Questions to Ask

In this third video in the series, Jo Young talks about four key customer data questions you need to ask to drive sales, and discover your customers.

We’ll explain the four questions, why are they important, the best way to answer them quickly and what benefits can we expect. 

Proof of concept


UniFida can deliver the expertise and technology ‘out of the box’ to help you automate your attribution. We can start with a low-cost proof of concept to demonstrate how attribution can be calculated for your business.


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