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Louis Keating

Principal Consultant, White Box Analytics

and Co-Founder, UniFida Australia


Louis has worked as a data analyst, data strategist and analytics manager for a range of companies and marketing agencies in London and Sydney over the last 20 years. He founded his own marketing data science consultancy, White Box Analytics 7 years ago in Sydney. Skilled in data science, analysis, strategy, and the visualisation of all things data.   White Box Analytics



Tony Rambaut

Marketing Specialist and

Co-Founder, UniFida Australia


With a background in direct marketing, both as a strategy planner and agency owner, Tony understands the value of putting the power of customer data in the hands of marketers.  His commitment to launch UniFida in Australia came about as a result of his long term association with Julian Berry, the founder of UniFida in the UK.  


Tony is also a Partner in Friendly Persuasion, the marketing communications business that helps brands improve their written customer experience.  Friendly Persuasion

Julian Berry

Founder, UniFida

Having started his direct marketing career at Christian Brann Ltd, Julian then worked in senior direct marketing roles at NatWest Bank and Lloyds TSB.

Subsequently he became a direct marketing consultant with a specific interest in the statistics that can be applied to make direct marketing more effective. The first company that he founded, Berry Consulting, was sold to Acxiom, and the second, The Customer Partnership, to Greenstone Data Solutions.  Julian and his team founded UniFida in 2014. UniFida UK

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