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Marketing Attribution

UniFida includes marketing attribution ‘out of the box’.


We help organisations maximise marketing returns and revenue growth by analysing and pinpointing the most successful marketing channels and campaigns


Why marketing attribution matters


It’s estimated that the average customer uses up to 10 different channels to communicate with companies. Customers move seamlessly between digital and offline channels, often browsing on one and buying on another. No wonder it can be difficult to know exactly where or how to focus marketing efforts — or even where to start.

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UniFida’s Marketing Attribution provides organisations with timely, accurate, granular and independent reporting on all your marketing investments. It enables you to leverage data insights, and quickly identify how and where to allocate resources and budgets.

How UniFida's Marketing Attribution works

UniFida Marketing Attribution is integrated into the UniFida Customer Data Platform and is designed to ingest individual first-party data from all online and offline marketing channels, including:


  • Paid and organic search

  • Social media

  • Affiliates

  • Display

  • Direct mail and catalogues

  • Email campaigns

  • Inbound and outbound calling

  • SMS


UniFida Marketing Attribution takes this disparate data, creates individual sales journeys and automatically builds a table of every marketing event preceding each sale within a 90-day period. We use machine learning to attribute weightings automatically to each event in a journey and allocate the value of each sale relative to the events that led up to it.


When you add the costs, UniFida then calculates your return on marketing investment (ROMI) for each channel, every month.


You will even see which channels work in combination with each other.

What does UniFida Marketing Attribution deliver?


Contribution Reports - Determine the contribution of each direct channel and campaign, together with its ROI.

Across all channels - By linking our direct channel attribution to econometrics we can provide an omni-channel solution including channels like TV, Radio and print media

Customer Segments - Filter by customer type and easily distinguish between new and existing customers.

An independent view - UniFida’s attribution is unbiased and does not favour specific marketing channels.

The benefits of UniFida's marketing attribution

Marketing attribution models can be time and resource intensive to get right, especially ones that evaluate a variety of datasets for online and offline campaigns. However, using UniFida technology and expertise, marketing attribution can be achieved quickly and deliver a myriad of benefits:

  • All reports are available online and their information is correct up to midnight on the previous day

  • Every event in every customer journey is scored, basing its value on the role it plays towards delivering a sale

  • We report on ROMI (return on marketing investment) by channel by month so that you can understand the effects of seasonality

  • Both online and offline channels are included – for example you can see how email campaigns interact with other media

  • You can filter reports by your own customer segmentations - for example get to understand what high value customers are responding to compared to low value customers

  • Our attribution algorithms are trained on your own historic data sets and do not apply generalised rules when giving weight to individual steps in each customer journey

  • Unlike Google, we are not reporting on channels we own

Marketing Attribution FAQs


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