Marketing Attribution

UniFida includes AI-driven marketing attribution ‘out of the box’.


Knowing how well your marketing channels are performing is a fundamental benefit of a good customer data platform. That’s why UniFida includes algorithmic direct event evaluation (ADEE) out of the box. ADEE looks at all online and offline events in the 90 days before a sale. Then, using proprietary AI to weight them, it shows the contribution made by each active marketing channel - from Google PPC to catalogues or email.

How does UniFida Marketing Attribution work?


UniFida ingests data from all your online and offline sources, including direct mail, paid digital, affiliates, social, email, website and call centre creating a single customer view across all personal identifiers.

Using this combined data, it automatically builds a table of every event preceding each sale in a 90-day window.


We use AI derived from Markov chains and survival analysis to attribute weightings automatically to each event. This way, the value of each sale is assigned to the events that led up to it.


What does UniFida Marketing Attribution deliver?


Contribution - Reports the contribution of each direct channel, as well as its ROI

Activity links - Channels can include any activity directly linkable to a customer, such as email opens, direct mail, SMS, call centre, retail visits, social, Google PPC, direct search

Identifying customers - Distinguishing between new and existing customers, filtered by when and what they buy

Sales contribution - Reveals how many sales each channel contributes, and provides an audit trail linking every order to all the events that preceded it

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