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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a CDP?


A: A customer data platform (CDP) consolidates data from multiple (and often diverse) online and offline sources to provide a single customer view. This data can be updated weekly, daily, and sometimes even hourly, depending on the quality of your data sources. Rather than just a key sales tool, a CDP is used business-wide, providing insightful and actionable insights in real-time.


Some key benefits of CDPs include:

  • Collecting and integrating all known data sources, online and offline

  • Identity resolution across multiple personal identifiers

  • Building single customer views for rich insights and analysis. This means you can capture a customer’s whole journey - from browsing to buying and beyond

  • Dynamic dashboards with charts, tables, reports and campaign planning tools

  • The ability to personalise customer communications

  • Complete set of marketing metrics covering campaign results, customer performance and cross channel order attribution

  • Simple access to managing customer preferences including privacy consents

Q: What’s the difference between a CDP and a CRM?


A:  CRM platforms are primarily for sales management, sales analysis and forecasting, whereas CDPs are used by marketers for deeper insights into customer behaviour.


Because CRMs generally deal with transactional data, they only provide a 2D view of customers and their interactions with a company. CDPs use all available data sources allowing for greater analysis, segmentation and personalisation to boost campaign effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Q: What’s the difference between a CDP and a DMP?


A: A DMP, or Data Management Platform, deals with anonymous or third-party online data. It includes things like cookies, devices and IP addresses, and is primarily analysed over short periods of time for audience targeting.


CDPs may incorporate this data to show marketers how customers are interacting with different websites, ads, and more. Hence, a DMP is simply a common input in a CDP.

Q: What makes UniFida a better CDP?


A: In particular:

  • Tailored dashboards with access to experts who understand the location, quality and volume of its data sources

  • All data sources can be used, rather than just those that the CDP provider has chosen to accept. This is a common issue marketers have with generic CDP providers that UniFida solves - using all of your online and offline data to truly understand your customers.

  • Tools for attributing marketing activities to sales

  • Ease of use for non-techy marketers

  • Affordable subscription options - from 65 cents per customer


Q.  What technical expertise will I need to use UniFida?


A.  UniFida is designed for a non-technical audience. Its intuitive dashboard environment makes it easy for marketers of varying experience to access its insights.


Q: How long will it take to set up?


A: Typically, we can complete the set-up in under 4 weeks. A typical client with a website, an e-commerce system, a transactional order management system and email service provider will require between 10 and 15 days of set up. This is mainly dependent on the client providing the data from their transactional and Email Service Provider (MailChimp, Klaviyo, SendGrid, etc) systems.


Q: How many of my team can access it?

A: Up to 10 users are included in your annual subscription.


Q: I already use a CRM and have tools to help create personalised communications. How will UniFida integrate with them?


A: UniFida integrates seamlessly with virtually any CRM, so that all of your data is available in your CRM. This integration can be through an API, batch outputs or by a manual data export/import.


Q: UniFida - what’s your story?

A: UniFida was developed and launched by Julian Berry and his team in the UK in 2014.  Julian is a data scientist who previously held a number of senior marketing roles, where he influenced data-driven marketing, including for some of UK’s major banks.  The cloud-based UniFida customer data platform is today used by UK companies as diverse as omni-channel retailers, life insurance companies and a major Premier League football team. 


Q: Who is White Box Analytics?


A: White Box Analytics is a Sydney based data consulting business that provides clients with best-practice data analytics and data science solutions. They specialise in marketing data science and finding actionable insights with an ROI focus.


Q: What other ways can you help us?


A: We are also insight-driven marketers, so once you’re up and running with UniFida, we can help you with data strategy, CRM strategy and marketing best practice.

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