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Do you really know your customers?

Now, more than ever, marketers know the importance of looking after existing customers in order to retain them and increase their value.

Understanding their behaviour – both offline and online – is essential to doing it successfully. And by ‘successfully’ we mean serving offers and experiences that so perfectly fit the customer’s needs that the hand of the marketer becomes invisible.

Can't see the customer for the data?

Customers generate huge volumes of data as they engage via websites, apps, email, call

centres and retail branches. But often the captured data is siloed, and very few businesses have the capability to integrate and unify this data into a single customer view.

This is compounded by the fact that customers are frustratingly random. They may buy

online using their office address and mobile number, for example, yet their loyalty

membership is linked to their home address and personal email.

All of this leads to marketing decisions that are based on only a partial understanding of the customer relationship and value. Inevitably, it results in experiences that leave customers feeling unrecognised and undervalued.

See your customers as they really are

The emergence of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) is giving marketers the opportunity to see their customers as they really are – often for the first time. A fully featured CDP

integrates customer data from multiple online and offline sources to create a true single

customer view. It puts real time customer data and insights where they belong – on the

marketer’s desktop where they can be accessed and actioned through highly personalised offers and experiences.

Let us show you how

With a single customer view, data-driven marketing can realise its full potential: nimble,

deeply personalised and highly attributable. Contact us today to learn more and arrange a demonstration.


To learn more about how UniFida can help you turn data into revenue faster, please contact us.

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