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Data analytics now a top marketing priority: Forrester Research

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

According to a survey by technology research group, Forrester, improving the use of data and analytics is a top priority for marketers over the next 12 months.

The survey questioned 750 analytics decision-makers in companies with more than 500 employees, including in Australia (The Future of Analytics’, Forrester, July 2020). In their executive summary Forrester said, “Of the ten marketing priorities we surveyed, marketers ranked improving their use of data and analytics as a top priority over the next twelve months. More than six in 10 marketers (63%) indicated that analytics was in their top five priorities.”

Forrester then asked about the challenges associated with doing things better:

The most elegant solution to these challenges is a fully featured customer data platform, such as UniFida.

The only silo you need

To solve the problem of siloed data, UniFida ingests and unifies data from all online and offline customer behaviour, including browsing, ecommerce, customer order systems, email service providers, call centres and even retail. It then uses personal identifiers to build a single customer view – one data silo, if you like, for each customer’s browsing and buying behaviour.

Turn data into revenue faster

The unification of each customer’s data is itself is a significant breakthrough. But it’s the way UniFida makes customer insights available and actionable that really changes the game. The key to this is UniFida’s integration with Microsoft Power BI, which gives marketers a clear view of how customers are behaving and what’s making them respond. It’s hard to overestimate the impact this can have on the quality of marketing effectiveness and ROI. Know the score

Like most information, the metrics that guide marketing activity - customer acquisition, customer retention and customer value – are best absorbed and appreciated visually. UniFida brings them to life in a dashboard suite of charts and tables that put your key metrics (including marketing campaign and test results) on the desks of your marketers. And because the reports refresh as new data arrive, you’ll always be working with the latest version of the truth. AI attribution

Marketing channel attribution has long been an inexact science, but UniFida now includes an AI solution to help identify where budgets are best invested. We call it ADEE or algorithmic direct event evaluation. By looking at all the online and offline events in the 90 days before a sale, and using our proprietary AI to weight them, we can tell you the contribution made by each marketing channel you are using - from Google PPC to catalogues or email.

Get to know your customers. Learn more about UniFida

Hosted in the cloud, UniFida is the customer data platform for insight driven marketers. Proven in the UK, it is represented in Australia by White Box Analytics.

For a chat, a demo, or both, get in touch today.


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