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UniFida puts data driven marketing into overdrive

Our clients see an average ROI of 400%-800% on their UniFida invesment**

In the recent Gartner Annual CMO Spend Survey*, 79% of marketers said they would focus on existing markets to fuel their growth. So, leveraging value from existing customer is key.

UniFida maximises the marketing value of  existing customers by creating a true, single view of each one. This clear picture (viewable on the UniFida dashboard) helps explain and predict behaviour so you can enhance the relevance and effectiveness of your data-driven marketing, including:

  • Converting web browsers using mail, email and personalised video

  • Personalised push communications

  • Targeting active customers based on propensity

    • Who to target, when to target and how to target.

    • Spend money in the right place at the right time.

  • Managing overall customer contact density

  • Reactivating dormant customers

  • Co-ordinated text, mail and email campaigns

  • Personalise the customer experience online

  • Evaluating online and offline channel performance

  • Using marketing mix attribution to see the true effect of
    all your marketing tactics on sales

79% of CMOs will focus on delivering more value to existing markets*

Further, Gartner found that ROI ranks No. 1 in CMO’s Most Valuable Metrics*.

** UniFida users experience a ROI of between 400% and 800% from their investment in UniFida, often in the first 12 months (after set up is completed and initiatives implemented).


*Source: Gartner. The Annual CMO Spend Survey 2020/21

To learn more about how UniFida can help you turn data into revenue faster, please contact us.

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